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2A (Architecture & Art) magazine is an architectural magazine dedicated to different provincial architectures of the world. Ever since its launch in the year 2005 in Dubai, it is being distributed all through Middle East Asia.
Ahmad Zohadi is the CEO and editor-in-chief of the magazine. The 2A magazine organizes the regular events like 2A Continental Architectural Award.
Which will be held in two sections of the European and Asian countries awards. In the continuation of this article, a number of villas that have been announced as winners in the 2A magazine in the Asian  have been mentioned, and we have their explanations from the designer in this article.

Villapartment Village

Fresh air and beautiful mountains of Shemshak village in southern slopes of Alborz mountains , 57 km north -east of Tehran is both a destination for winter sports lovers and an ideal weekend gataway for Tehraners who escape from busy , polluted city throughout the year .
Fresh air and beautiful mountains of Shemshak village in southern slopes of Alborz mountains , 57 km north -east of Tehran is both a destination for winter sports lovers and an ideal weekend gataway for Tehraners who escape from busy , polluted city throughout the year .
Plot of this 33 unit luxury complex strechers on a steep topography overlooking Shemshak ski resart . Shemshak’s landscape is threatened with excessive construction recent years .
In contrast to typical buildings constructed here and inspired by iran’s old mountainous villages , this 15 storey building is taking advantage of plot’s topoghraphy and is trying to introduce a landscape which is stretched on the topoghraphy to minimize construction impact on the mountains.
Organization of units is in a way that roof of each apartment is the terrace of the other . all units are duplex apartments and have multi -level terraces so that users can experience living on a slope both indoor and outdoor . The L shape floor plans allow maximum views while respecting privacy of each unit .
villapartment village wroten by aban office
Design team : Mona Eghtesadi , Tooka Mahmoudian , Bahar Ehsan
Presntation : Arian Karim Zadeh
Maquette : Reza Habibi
Structure : Jalal Sajadian
Project area : 21890 Sqm
Project completion year : 2016
villapartment village wroten by aban office

Villa In Ahmed Abad

The architectural vocabulary integrates the principles of modernism with traditional responses to the local geography and climate .
With no immediate views , the idea was to create ” urban Oasis ” with internal view sheds . A courtyard being the main feature around which the design revolves , with most habitable spaces overlooking it.
In response to the harsh climatic conditions a number of passive design principles were adopted . Double walling on the first level to insulate against the harsh summers & cold winters , while offering  weather protection for the glazed openings .
Additionally , first floor of villa is cantilevered outward providing weather shade for the ground level . Maximum glazing is introduced along the north facade while , south & west are kept impenetrable . Landscape is another key element used to shade the structure & provide privacy .
Design team : Ar. Kanhai Gandhi , Ar. NeemeshShah , Ar. ShereshtKashyap , Ar. Namrata Deshpande ,  Prashantpipalia , PrafulMewada
Project area : 1500 Sqm
Project completion year : 2015
Ahmedabad villa - wroten in 2a's villas by aban office

Villa Vanoosh

In the Northern part of the Alborz mountains , the site is located in a point where a steep slope on its south , suddenly changes to a gentle slope on its north . Moreover , the site benefits from views of both forest mountain and Caspian sea on its south and north respectively .
in appreciation of the out standing location of villa , the building is intended to have a homogeneous dialogue with its surrounding context . Villa’s form derives from stories of big stone pieces , which fall apart from the upper sides of the mountain repeatedly and roll into the skirts .
 Also the villa is covered with stain steel panels , so when it experiences corrosion due to weathering , it could dramatically express itself in harmony with the nature .
Design team : Mohammad Nikbakhsh Tehrani , Mitra Keykhosravian , Atefe Haji Abadi , Mohammad Miri , Pouria Ali Ghardashi
Model : Mohammad Miri , Pourya Ali Ghardashi
Presentation and graphic : Emad Kashfi , Shima Aghaei Karim , Shadan Broumand
Project area :  400 Sqm
Project completion year : 2017
vanoosh villa wroten by aban office
villa vanoosh wroten by aban office

Izad Shahr Villa

The design of this project was carried out for two carried out for two independet units at two levels , at the request of the employer . The occupancy and height were according to the criteria of the town.
The general considerations in the design are as follows by refreshing the traditional artitectural patterns in consistency with climate consideratons :
  • Establishing a heirarchy of space ( open- semi – open ) with an emphasis on semi – open spaces influenced by traditional architectural patterns ( sabat – central coutyard )
  • According to access heirarchy from the general public to the semi – public and private through the spatial joint ( central coutyard ) .
  • Focus on the visual corridor inside and outside the building and vice versa .
  • Reconstruction of legible geometric components in irregular composition ( plurality in unity ) in emphasizing the pattern of traditional architecture composition .
  • Resrraint setting based on general geometry and climatic considerations .
Structure :  Yaghoub Abed Pour
Mechanic and electric : Houfar Esmaeili , Nina Amoushani
Design team and presentation : Farideh Jafar Zadeh , Hiva Mansouri , Sohrab Gholami , Negar Nabavi Tabatabaei , Ashkan Davoodi
Photographers : Farshid Rahimi Kalahroudi , Farid Tavakoli
Project area : 1200 sqm
Project completion year : 2017
Izad shahr villa wroten by aban office
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