Aban Tarhe Eyvan Company, is licensed by the Tehran Civil Engineering System, active in the construction industry and has 15 years of experience in building design and providing engineering services. And is ready for law firm design and supervision services.
• Monitoring the execution of a variety of construction projects by experienced engineers will help you be more comfortable.
• Design of all types of buildings including complete architectural design, facade design, landscaping, interior design, decoration design and interior elements of the building and yard.
• Having a technical and engineering team including electrical, mechanical and structural engineers along with architectural and urban engineers enables us to provide comprehensive services.
The complex is a leading and dynamic provider of design, supervision, and other engineering services in construction projects and is ready to assist in the development and development of our beloved homeland to play an effective role in the development and improvement of the country’s construction.
Specialized facade design
Building facade design is very important because when entering a building, the first thing that catches the eye is the facade of the building, The facade of the building has a great impact on the perception of people about the quality and type of construction of your project. In fact, building facade is one of the most important elements in building design.
Aban Architectural Office has started working in the field of building facade design since 2006 with the knowledge of architecture and its combination with creativity.
Aban Architecture office is capable of designing and executing all building views in accordance with municipal standards and assures its customers that it is performing its job in the best possible way.
Specialized design of the villa
The villa is a place for rest and relaxation of today’s people away from urban problems and environmental pollution, so the design of the villa is substantially different from the elements considered in the design of urban residential buildings.
In the process of designing and constructing the villa, as well as other architectural projects, study such as environmental identification, climatic conditions of the area, preparation of information and photography of the desired location, as well as presenting preliminary designs to the employer and delivering executive plans along with details thereof.
Aban Architectural office , based on the procedures defined in the collection, tries to design and execute the highest quality villa projects in all areas of Iran with the implementation of the best contractors, fully complies with technical standards, national standards and regulations.
Specialized hall and garden design
The hall for various ceremonies today is one of the needs of society. The need to build a hall in an urban space, both small and large, is felt. Therefore, the design of luxurious ceremonial halls and conference halls is becoming more and more important. The garden of the hall must be such as to meet the public’s taste. Attractiveness is key component in the design of the hall garden.
The Aban design office Utilizing world-class ideas and standards and using quality materials in the hall design and interior architecture, It seeks to take an effective step to save money, time and employers’ tastes on the final plan.
Hall Garden Design Steps:
1. Interior map design
2. Design 3D images
3. Lighting and sound plan design
4. Material and furniture buying advice
5. Perform interior decoration of the main hall
6. Design and operation of landscaping and parking
7. Project Delivery
Reconstruction of residential units is one of the issues that need to be addressed after several years of each building’s life in different parts and sections. Residential rebuilding is not a problem in one installation system, building wiring or plumbing, but all residential buildings need to be rebuilt after a few years.
Using the services of a building remodeling company to change the interior decoration is a sure way to rebuild and repair the building. The longer the building life, the greater the need for repairs. Worn-out systems and possible damage can be found in all parts of old buildings that need major renovation. The change of decoration and interior design is also accompanied by the renovation and renovation of the building.
You can be assured that your work will be carried out in the highest quality and in the shortest possible time by our experienced teams, our experts will best meet your demands by applying the best technical principles and standards.
Our services in the field of reconstruction and restoration include:
1. Interior map design
2. Design 3D images
3. Material and furniture purchase consultation
4. Implementation of interior decoration
5. Run the reconstruction
6. Project Delivery
The company is proud to provide the following services in the field of mapping projects with the most accurate and advanced mapping equipment by experienced engineers.
1. Registry mapping and cadaster for land separation and determination of land boundaries to the standards required by the organs
2. Supervision of executive tasks, how to implement and dismantle metal and concrete columns
3. Provision of UTM maps with standard equipment and dual-frequency GPS station in accordance with Article 147
4. Urban and Rural Surveying for the preparation of comprehensive urban plans, detailed plans and rural conductors
5. Preparing drawings of existing building for finishing
6. Perform topographic tasks on all scales
7. Providing a map of buildings and monuments
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